Orthodontic Treatment

Improving your oral health to help you feel better about yourself!

About orthodontics

Orthodontics is a specialist field in dentistry that focuses on straightening and aligning your teeth. It focuses on the diagnosis and treatment (both corrective and preventative) of dental or facial irregularities.
All orthodontic work is carried out by a dentist, not a specialist orthodontist. More complex orthodontic issues may be referred to a specialist orthodontist.
The treatment of crooked and overlapping teeth improves both the functionality and appearance of your teeth. Misaligned teeth affect how your teeth, jaw and mouth work together which impacts on your ability to chew and speak, detracting from the quality of your everyday life.

Although it takes no more than a tiny movement of facial muscles, some people find it difficult to smile. If you constantly hide your smile for fear of showing your crooked or misshapen teeth, then you would make a good candidate for orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics involves the placement of dental braces or aligners over a patient’s teeth to gradually move the teeth to their optimal position. The end goal is to give you a straighter and aesthetically pleasing smile.

The clinical objective of orthodontic treatment is the correction of a malocclusion – or what is generally known as a “bad bite”. The straightening procedure helps not only to improve your bite – by correcting the way your teeth come together – but also enhance the appearance of your smile in relation to your overall facial aesthetics.

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